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When you call your insurer to enroll in renters insurance, they will likely ask you if you live by yourself. If you do, then you should say yes. However, the next question they may ask is if you have any pets in the home. If you do, then tell that to your agent. They will want to know so that they can appropriately structure your policy. READ MORE >>

Investing in quality auto insurance is essential. However, you likely want to save as much as you can on your policy prices. To maintain a low price, minimize moving violations and accidents. Work to be a safe driver. Each year, your insurance company will take a closer look at your driving history. READ MORE >>

Are you a high-risk driver? You may not think so. Your car insurance agency may not think so. However, if you are a distracted driver, you very well could be. There are thousands of accidents that happen every year because people look at their phones, send text messages, or get into a verbal argument while driving a car. READ MORE >>

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