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The process of who's paying what for workers compensation insurance is simple to explain. It breaks down like this: The employer buys workers compensation insurance from an insurance company. The insurance provider pays the employee while they are out of work on workers compensation coverage. READ MORE >>

Depending on state laws, you might be able to cover your RV under your existing auto insurance policy — so long as you let your insurer know that you are driving an RV, and so long as your RV is technically not an RV. READ MORE >>

Knowing that your family and your possessions are safe when you’re away from home gives you the peace of mind needed to live a happy, healthy life. Chances are, you’ve already heard a lot about home safety. But what methods are the most effective? READ MORE >>

When you call your insurer to enroll in renters insurance, they will likely ask you if you live by yourself. If you do, then you should say yes. However, the next question they may ask is if you have any pets in the home. If you do, then tell that to your agent. They will want to know so that they can appropriately structure your policy. READ MORE >>

A customer confronts you. He claims false advertising. What do you do? In some cases, you may need to provide the customer with the product promised. In others, this may seem impossible to do. General liability insurance may offer some protection for you. If you are like many business owners, you do not set out to be misleading. READ MORE >>

As you get older, you likely have to start thinking about your long-term security and safety. You want to be able to stay in your home as you age. However, as time passes, it might become harder to take care of your home in the way you used to. This could cause a threat to your safety on the property. READ MORE >>

Motorcycle ownership is often something of a family pastime. You might take your spouse, children or other family members for rides. Or, you might be the passenger yourself, while they are the rider. Will your bike’s insurance cover additional passengers or ariders on the policy? READ MORE >>

Does your vehicle have paint damage? The paint on a vehicle can easily chip or suffer other damage if you are in an accident or a storm. If you have a new vehicle that you do not want to see damage to, you may wish to turn to your auto insurance company for help. In some cases, your car insurance policy can cover your paint damage. READ MORE >>

A vehicle fire often leads to the totaling of the car. Fires are not as common as they used to be, but they can happen to any vehicle owner. Most drivers do not think twice about their engine. Yet, it is one of the most combustible areas of the vehicle. READ MORE >>

When an employee suffers an injury at work, you may know to help them get the medical care they need. What should you do if an employee comes to work with an injury? It can be a difficult situation. However, it is important to minimize your liability in this situation. READ MORE >>

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