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Need Homeowners Insurance? We Can Insure Anyone!

Charpentier Insurance Services can help residents of Bakersfield and the greater San Joaquin Valley get targeted homeowners insurance that will assist you when you need money rebuilding the important things in your life.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

The average home value in Bakersfield is around $241,000. Still, most of us don’t have anywhere near that sum on-hand to repair or rebuild our homes after accidents strike, regardless of the specific value.

With homeowners coverage, you can protect your property value, maintain the home’s marketability and keep yourself comfortable even when trouble beckons. It can help you pay for home damage and losses arising from risks like:

  • Severe weather, wind, lightning and hail
  • Fires
  • Burst pipes
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Falling trees and other objects
  • Damage by vehicles
  • Injuries or property damage you cause to other people who don’t live with you

Your Coverage Options

Most homeowners policies contain a few standard pieces of coverage.

  • Dwelling protection will help you replace or rebuild your house after a covered peril strikes.
  • Contents coverage applies to your possessions, like furniture, electronics and clothes.
  • Liability insurance will help you cover property damage or injury costs you negligently cause to other people. Coverage might also pay your legal costs if affected parties sue you.
  • Expenses coverage can pay for everyday expenses, like hotel or dining bills, if you have to leave the home for a time after a covered accident occurs.

Specialized Coverage Elements

Ask your agent if you need any special coverage added to your homeowners policy.

  • Scheduled items coverage can help you specifically insure items of high value like art, jewelry, heavy machinery or collectibles.
  • Detached structures coverage can insure separate buildings on the property, like storage sheds.
  • Medical payments assistance can cover the costs of those injured on your property even if you have no fault in their injuries.
  • Sewer backup coverage will apply in cases where the home’s pipes or sewers become clogged or damaged, and the overflows damage other parts of the home.
  • Pet liability coverage protects others if your dog or cat harms them or causes property damage.

Getting Coverage

We make insuring your home easy. Your Charpentier agent can:

  • Compare policies from top-rated insurers to make sure you always get the right coverage.
  • Make sure your coverage meets requirements set by a mortgage lender.
  • Set policy limits to cover your property’s and possessions’ values as closely as possible.
  • Adjust deductibles that will help you keep your rates affordable.
  • Maximize your policy discounts to save you the most money on your rates.

Don’t wait to insure your Bakersfield residence. Instead, contact us now at 661-322-1888 for a homeowners insurance quote. It is fast, free and you’ll always feel better knowing you have coverage.

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